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About Local 101

Local 101 Founders

Alma Bremond & David Siklos

Reykjavik and Local 101 in the 1960s

Local 101 in the 1960s! It was called City Hotel back then

Our Mission

Local 101 is both a historic and independent hotel making it a special place. Let us tell you why we love this place, Iceland's second hotel to ever be built, where fishing captains and their first mates would come to rest after long days on the high seas. An Icelander's hotel through and through, Ránargata 4a has had many lives since its construction in 1961 and embodies all that is so dear to Reykjavik. Nested between the historic, residential Vesturbær neighborhood and the booming commercial center, at Local 101, you're located like a local but with all of the convenience of being near the main attractions. David, a Canadian from Ontario and Alma, half French, half Icelandic have gotten together to give new life to this space. We are so excited to welcome you and feel free to say hello when you see us around the hotel. 

Get in Touch

We'd love to hear from you, feel free to reach out,

+354 866 8101

Ránargata 4

101 Reykjavik 


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