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In Water

  • The spa/hot water source experience Sky Lagoon is a must while in Reykjavik - ( '15)

  • The iconic hot water source baths, the Blue Lagoon - ( '45)
  • Public pools are open to all, affordable and fun for kids! Relax after a long trip in hot baths, saunas, and steam rooms. Vesturbæjarlaug is close and very authentic.

 Experience the City 

In City

  • Harpa, the national opera house designed by Olafur Eliasson, is an iconic architectural sight ( '10)

  • The national contemporary art museum Listasafn Reykjavikur deserves a visit to see what interesting new artists are up to ( '5)

  • The cultural and historical center Perlan is great for both adults and kids, packed with sensorial experiences and offers a great view of the city ( '7)

  • The open air museum Árbær is a recreation of a historical Icelandic village, featuring preserved old homes and countless chickens and sheep! ( '16)

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In Nature

Fine Dining

  • Indian - Austur Indiafjelagid, is a truly exceptional Indian. One of the locals' favorite restaurants.

  • Japanese Fusion - Fiskmarkadurinn (fish market) is a great culinary experience, a twist between Japanese and Icelandic cuisine. It is high end and only serves dinner but it is quite a food experience.

  • Italian - La Primavera is located in the building of the studio of the world-renown Icelandic artist Ólafur Elíasson by the sea. It is an upscale Italian restaurant in a great setting.

  • Nordic Bistro - Kastrup is a beautiful setting, with incredible dishes, refined and comfort food all at once! Perfect date spot :)

  • Nordic Bistro - Apotek is festive for a Friday night dinner

  • Japanese - Sushi Social is a festive sushi place where all the locals go


 Taste the City 


Casual Eats

  • Italian - BakaBaka is an incredible pizza place with a great vibe and cocktails

  • American - Tommi's Burger Joint is amazing, the perfect spot if you're looking for comfort food!

  • Food Court - Pósthús Food Hall is a newly opened food court, with a variety of different restaurants - great food, drinks and ambiance

  • French-Danish Bistro - Snaps has a good and affordable lunch special everyday and it is a hub for locals, good food and vibes - good brunch too!

  • American - Le Kock is a casual eatery that has a range of options ranging from homemade bagels to chicken sandwiches

Little Treats

  • Bakery - Braud & Co the most amazing bread and pastries, this is where the Local 101 bar sources its bread

  • Ice Cream - Valdís has a wide variety of flavors and is a great afternoon pick me up

  • Cafe - Kaffihús Vesturbæjar is THE place for coffee and pastries, they also serve an amazing lunch! It's about 10 minutes from the center and once you're there, you're near the other shore (vis a vis the center one) and it's the best place to take a long oceanside walk!

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