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How to get here

Local 101 is located in downtown Reykjavik, on Ránargata 4a and we are here to assist you in finding the best way here! Our trusted third party partner is an expert in airport transfers and offers several ways for you to ride on over here. You can book your airport transfer for a pickup and/or drop off at Local 101 ("Bus Stop 4 miðbakki"), only a 400 meter walk from the hotel or a car that brings you directly to Local 101 in advance right here.



Here at Local 101 we believe that every traveler has a right to experience the city as a local does. This means dining at the latest and greatest neighbourhood spots, having a beer at the community bar, meeting new people, walking the undiscovered streets, discovering thermal outdoor pools and better understanding how Icelanders spend their free time, and even join them in it. Our teams are here to help guide you in the right direction!

But here are not to miss classics that you can book ahead of time, not to be missed ;)

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